[Mono-list] mono and apache2

Massimiliano Vella millemille1000@tiscali.it
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 19:19:33 +0100

Hi all, I'm new here! I've a problem with mono and apache2 on debian
unstable (mono and all relative packages version 1.0.5-2, apache2
version 2.0.53-4). I've written a simple asp.net page and I've followed
the instructions to add this web application to mono-server, i.e.
mono-server-admin.conf add --path=/home/myname/ASPNET
--app=PaginaTest.aspx and then mono-server-update.conf. When I open the
web page (http://localhost/PaginaTest.aspx) I obtain the following
Server error in '/PaginaTest.aspx' application

File '/PaginaTest.aspx/' not found.
Description: Error processing request. 

Error Message: HTTP 404. File '/PaginaTest.aspx/' not found.

Well, I've also installed asp.net-examples (version 1.0.4-0pre1) and
I've done the following experiment: in the /usr/share/asp.net-demos/asp/
folder I've added the symbolic link to the previous web application
(PaginaTest.aspx). Surprise... loading the asp.net-examples page
(http://localhost/samples), there are all the examples plus my
PaginaTest.aspx and, incredible, it works!
So, can anyone help me to solve this problem?
Thanks, MAX