[Mono-list] Problems with runtime 1.1.4, xsp and mod_mono 1.0.6 on SuSe 9.1

Jim Erwin mono@eyekahn.com
Mon, 21 Feb 2005 10:23:09 -0600

I have been trying to get this combination working for about 7 hours now
without success. As stated on the downloads page, you you have to use xsp
and mod_mono 1.0.6 with the 1.1.4 runtime. I discussed using this combo with
gonzalo in the #mono irc channel and he thought it should work just fine. 

When attempting to launch one of the applications I've had running without
issues on mono 1.0.5 (runtime, xsp and mod_mono), I get a 503 error.
Unfortunately, I'm getting nothing else to go on in the apache error log. No
mono processes are being spawned on the server when the applications get hit
by a browser request. My configuration has not been changed. I have verified
all paths are the same as they were under mono 1.0.5. I have also configured
a virtual to run the xsp samples that come with xsp and I get the same 503
error as with the other applications.

I've blown away the old mono sockets and wapi directories and they are not
getting recreated by any process. 

I have tested two of the apps directly using xsp and it works. I have
attempted to start mod-mono-server.exe directly and it also works.

I installed the 1.1.4 runtimes via the RPMS for SuSe 9.1. I initially
installed xsp and mod_mono via the RPMS for SuSe 9.1 as well. I uninstalled
the mod_mono RPM, then downloaded the source tarball, compiled and installed
it to see if that helped any ( as it did when I had an issue with the 1.0.4
RPM some time back ) but that did not help. The 503 errors still remain.

Any suggestions as to figure out why mod_mono is not spawning
mod-mono-server.exe and processing the pages whould be greatly appreciated.


Jim Erwin