[Mono-list] borland asssemblies

Andre Heider a.heider@gmail.com
Mon, 21 Feb 2005 14:48:35 +0100


i deployed some vs.net 2003 projects on mono and they run just fine. now i am 
trying to setup a few delphi 2005 asp.net apps, but mono doesnt seem to like the 
borland assemblies:

gacutil -i Borland.Data.Common.dll
Assembly '/mnt/andre/devel/dotnet/borland/Borland.Data.Common.dll' has the 
non-standard metadata heap #-.
Recompile it correctly (without the /incremental switch or in Release 
mode).Failure adding assembly to the cache: The file specified is not a valid 

is there a way to get this running on mono?
as far as i can tell that "#-" metadata are debugging symbols, can i simply 
strip them out somehow?

im using mono 1.0.5 on debian unstable

thx in advance,