[Mono-list] Problem running XSP

Kendall Draper kdraper@csolutions.net
Sun, 20 Feb 2005 15:17:51 -0700

I'm a long time windows and ASP.net developer. When I heard about
MONO, for the first time it got me excited about linux. I've
installed SUSE 9.2 and an trying to get XSP up and running. 
I've compiled XSP-1.0.5 and can get it running. But when I try to get it to display the test pages I get an error. 
After putting in some debug code I found the problem happens in the CreateWorker method when it tries to access client.LocalEndPoint. At this point it throws an exception
"Object not set to a instance of an object".

As I said I'm new to linux and mono so any help would be appreciated.

Ken Draper 

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