[Mono-list] Best distro for Mono hacking (on and with)...

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Sun, 13 Feb 2005 11:39:50 -0500


> I'm currently running Ubuntu Hoary so that I can use Mono 1.0.5 to work 
> with. I'd like to start playing with Mono 1.1, but I'm getting 
> frustrated by the lack of packages available.
> I know I could compile from source, but I want to be ale to distribute 
> my applications to a web server running the same version.
> So, which is the best distro for hacking on and developing with Mono?

Packages for more distributions will soon be coming, now that we have a
dedicated engineer working on this.

Currently the distribution which is likely going to receive most of our
attention is NLD, SUSE 9.2 and the SLES 9 (all SUSE-based) as this is
what we have to support internally for other Novell products.

But as I said, the situation will improve from where we are today.