[Mono-list] mono and systray icon

Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Mon, 14 Feb 2005 12:07:55 -0700

>> I think the point is that it works on *both* Windows and Linux.
>I guess the point is to get something working and doing what you intend it
>to do. Whether it works under Linux or Windows, is a matter of the
>programmer's judgement, goals, personal preferences etc - therefore it is
>not a subject for this list.

>Alex, muine uses a C library to integrate with the systray, it's called
>libegg. To my best knowledge, this is currently the only way to get it done
>(C/C++ programs use it as well). Of course, you are free to implement a
>managed implementation of the systray protocol as per the specs - that 
>probably require you to use p/invoke to access the X11 API, though.
>The egg library in the muine sources can be found in libmuine/egg/

You missed Jonathan's point, which was that SWF contains code is there Linux 
as well, not just for Windows, and it's all managed and free for the taking. 
Also, Todd Berman of MonoDevelop fame wrote a managed implementation for Gtk 
without requiring libegg. It can be found