[Mono-list] C# editor

George Birbilis George Birbilis" <birbilis@kagi.com
Fri, 11 Feb 2005 18:13:09 +0200

> The important concept here is that the source files can't tell by
> themselves what libraries will be referenced when they are going to be
> compiled, nor if any other source file will be compiled alongside them.
> That kind of information is either in the makefiles (normally in a har
> to extract form) or in the project file for the specific IDE you may be
> using.

it would be nice to have autocompletion though for all the assemblies that 
are in the GAC at the developer's machine
or maybe for those that have their namespaces referenced at "import" 
statement (depending on which language one uses) at the top of the source 

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