[Mono-list] Mono test suite/XSP issue

Figy, Kam kfigy@isitedesign.com
Wed, 9 Feb 2005 12:05:17 -0700

I've been trying to get mono + xsp working for a while now.

I'm running a base linux from scratch 6.1-testing distro, with
kernel-2.6.10, glibc-20041011, and gcc-3.4.3. I've successfully compiled
mono 1.0.5, mono 1.1.3, and mono from SVN, and they all compile
apparently fine, and mcs compiles a c# sanity check.

The problem that has occurred with all the builds is that when I run XSP
with the test pages, it serves about 5-30 pages then hangs, with no
apparent error messages. The request just is never served. Some research
found a couple old bugs about things like this that were resolved, and
based on them I tweaked some settings in the machine.config file (the
request timeout in httpEngine or httpRequest, iirc). Changing the
machine.config settings seemed to help a little bit, but the server was
still very unstable.

The one constant thing among all the versions has been that the
appdomain-unload.exe test in make check hangs. I noticed that this test
is supposed to fail in some older versions, but according to the README
file all tests make check performs now should succeed. Could this be the
issue? Does mono keep a log somewhere that might be of use?

I'm thinking it could have something to do with the late versions of the
kernel and/or gcc but I couldn't find corroborating evidence. Mono/XSP
1.0.0 runs fine on the same box if I boot it from the monoppix livecd.