[Mono-list] Re: I have System.Net.HttpListener.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Mon, 07 Feb 2005 11:39:14 -0500

Hello Oleg,

> I am Oleg Mihailik, from Kyiv, Ukraine. Some weeks I work on managed
> HttpListener implementation. It is not dependent on Microsoft's
> http.sys =97 just clean System.Net.Socket-based implementation.
> Status:
> * Almost with HTTP/KeepAlive pipeline done
> * Basic multithread/asynchronous working done
> * There is no authentication at all
> * There is no SSL support
> * There is no chunked-encoding support
> * There is no tests
> The implementation is well-synchronized with Microsoft HttpListener API.
> I want push this into the Mono. And, of course, to get my name into
> the proud list of it's creators.

Is this part of the WSE2 stack?

Gonzalo has a small HTTP server, I wonder if we should look into using
parts of XSP for this class library.

> So, there is some work to complete HttpListener. Further interest works:
> 1. WSE2 channel on HttpListener.
> 2. Remoting channel on HttpListener.
> 3. ASP.NET server on HttpListener.
> 4. Proxy server on HttpListener.
> Theese days I will close some bugs in Request's InputStream and will
> ready to contribute this class to Mono. And are you ready guys?

We are, yes, can you send patches?

But I wonder where this class is supposed to go.