[Mono-list] Mono, ASP.NET et Javascript push

Alain Perry Alain Perry <alain.perry@gmail.com>
Thu, 3 Feb 2005 22:14:35 +0100

On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 12:51:47 -0800 (PST), Joe Audette
<joe_audette@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I don't think you should and probably can't keep a connection alive in a web
> page. 
> The web is a stateless environment you request a page, you  get a page,
> you're done. 

It indeed is. But the method described (push) enables it to be. It is
still necessary to send dummy text to keep the connection alive from
time to time, much like a noop in FTP. But it is possible. An example
of this is the software that I was using until it became non-free to
do what my software will do. It was called webmessenger, was written
in PHP and was using javascript push. I belive you can still try the
non-free (as in GPL) version for free (as in gratis) at jabbix.com.
> I would suggest you can make additional requests as needed inside an IFrame
> so the outer page is not refreshed but the page in the IFrame can carry on a
> dialog back and forth with the server using multiple requests. 

This is called polling, and is not an efficient method either. I do
prefer the push method a lot.

Thanks anyway,

Alain Perry