[Mono-list] Visual Studio.net 2005 Enterprise Beta 1

SigmaX scottclansman@cwazy.co.uk
Fri, 04 Feb 2005 09:49:08 -0600

Sijmen Mulder wrote:

>>obviously that has a limited time license and will expire later on
>>* why not download the Personal Edition beta which is (and will remain from
>>what I understand) for free:
>If I recall correctly, doesn't the express edition expire, too?
I've looked everywhere and I can't find that they expire (Not to say 
they don't).  Microsoft's "trial editions" always expire after six 
months, give or take, but do their Betas?  Their so-called "CTP's" 
(Monthly snapshots of dev) are replaced a month later by the next CTP 
and so on, and the Beta is just a more tested and mature version.  Their 
dev model is looking more and more open-source-ish... though I'm certain 
they'll never actually release the code, though they'll be happy for 
heavy developors to file bug reports in the CTP's :-P.
    Can anybody give me a link where it actually says that the 
Enterprise Beta expires after a period?  Or maybe something that says 
you can't use it in production (Read: for-profit) environments?  I've 
got VS 2002 academic, which is only good for educational and 
open-source-ish stuff by the license.  Mono is great, but I'm holding 
out for Winforms before I'm a complete convert :-P.
                Anywho, that's me 2c,

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