[Mono-list] MySQL Connection from .NET Website

David P. Donahue david.donahue@us.army.mil
Tue, 01 Feb 2005 21:52:07 -0500

I'm trying to track down a problem with websites using a connection to a 
MySQL database.  Has anyone had any problems using the CoreLab.MySQL.dll 
libraries with Mono?  If it's known not to work, is there a 
different/better way to connect to the database?  For reference, the 
code used in a simple test page is as follows (sorry for any wrapping):

MySqlConnection mySqlConnectionGrid;
MySqlDataAdapter mySqlDataAdapter;
DataSet dataSetGrid;
string stringSQL;
stringSQL = "SELECT * FROM Reference_DaysOfTheWeek";
mySqlConnectionGrid = new MySqlConnection(Global.stringDatabaseConnection);
mySqlDataAdapter = new MySqlDataAdapter(stringSQL, mySqlConnectionGrid);
dataSetGrid = new DataSet();
dataListDOTW.DataSource = dataSetGrid;

And the problem this has been giving me is that the server simply hangs 
when this page is requested until it eventually times out.  Any ideas?

David P. Donahue