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Good Day 


Thank you for the information. If possible could you give me more
information regarding your suggestion?


Ronald Mundell

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Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes wrote:


> Possible? Yes. You can use XSP as a standalone server.


> If you really wish to use another webserver you'll have to get/do a 

> "plugin" to that server, something similar to mod_mono.


> I think it would be very cool if we had a component to IIS at least.


I've been looking around about this same thing.. lighttpd (ask lighty) looks
interesting for the performance side of things.. There are a few features or
modules that aren't implemented yet.. However, if you're just doing a
standalone server with all trusted sites it could maybe pay off two fold..


1) claims of better performance (no comment as I've not tested it yet.)

2) utilizing a distributed backend for dynamic pages.. (currently they have
PHP doing this, but I don't see much reason why it couldn't apply to mono as

3) If nothing else it does produce a much smaller memory footprint (ymmv and
it depends on how well you've tuned apache)


If someone is sincerely interested in a lighty module for Mono let me know
and I'll investigate it further..


Miguel.... Why IIS?






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