[Mono-list] C/C++ Compiler for Mono environment?

Marek Habersack grendel at caudium.net
Tue Dec 27 15:27:07 EST 2005

* Grant Hess <granthes at localaccess.com> [051227 21:07], scribbled:
> I've googled, but I don't find any info on C or C++ compilers that 
> target the CLR.  I did find a couple of partial results, but nothing 
> that actually seems to work.
> Is there a working C/C++ Compiler for Mono?   (Other than MSFT VS)
Not strictly mono, but also open source project implementing the .Net
runtime and tools, Portable.Net has a C compiler they claim works:


I haven't ever used it personally nor looked at it, but it probably works
fine when compiling C to IL. It won't run under mono, though - you need the
pnet runtime.

Another option you have is hidden at


which is a retargettable C compiler which is described in the "A
Retargettable C compiler: Design and Implementation" and which can emit CIL.
Not sure how good/buggy the output is, as I've never used lcc either.
hope that helps,


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