[Mono-list] Linux VPS for .NET Projects

Andrei Maxim andrei at andreimaxim.ro
Fri Dec 23 06:34:55 EST 2005


I have been using the .NET platform (not Mono) for a couple of months and I
am currently starting a bigger project that will eventually be distributed
as gratis software.

Because the complexity of the software is way beyond what I have done so far
(the biggest project so far was a couple of thousands of lines of code), I
am looking for a machine that will act as a source control and a continuous
integration server. Due to the fact that I'm expecting others to contribute,
I need a machine with a good internet connection that would be available

So far, the two requirements (having .NET and not developing an open source
product) made me look for a virtual private server. Unfortunately, the
company that's hosting a couple of my websites is Linux only and some other
recommended Windows hosters are way beyond my financial reach (40$ or more
per month). Therefore, I decided to use the Mono platform on a Linux VPS
from my current hosting provider.

Maybe some of you tried this so I'm asking for your advice:

1. Are there any problems I should be aware if I'm developing on Windows
with Visual Studio .NET 2003 and having a Linux build machine with Mono?
2. Any thoughts about running CruiseControl.NET on a Linux with Mono
machine? Any other recommendations?

Also, any helpful comment is appreciated.

Andrei Maxim 

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