[Mono-list] FileSystemWatcher status

Stefano Incontri sincontr at yahoo.it
Thu Dec 22 03:51:39 EST 2005

I'm working on a local drive, but on Windows it works fine over network
shares too.
I noticed that sometimes the application blocks when setting the
EnableRaisingEvents to true.
Anyway since the application is a bit complex (it involves the
ServiceProcess.ServiceBase class too), I'm going to test
FileSystemWatcher writing the simplest code, and then growing it up.

Thanks, I'll let you know.


Il giorno mer, 21/12/2005 alle 13.21 +0000, Bill Seddon ha scritto:
> > Hi All, I'm testing a little application which keep aligned some files
> > using the FileSystemWatcher facility, but I see that sometimes it
> looses
> > some event (file modification or new file creation).
> > The same application, built under Windows, works fine instead.
> > 
> > Is mono's FileSystemWatcher reliable?
> Are you watching a local drive or a network drive?  The reason for
> asking is that I've found that the .NET FileSystemWatcher can appear to
> be unreliable when working against a network drive.  Presumably it is to
> do with network issues.
> If your observations are related to a local drive then, OK, there may be
> a problem with FileSystemWatcher.  If it's against a network drive, it
> may be worth comparing the behaviour of both the .NET a Mono classes to
> see if there is any similarities.
> Bill Seddon

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