[Mono-list] System.Threading.Thread::Interrupt no longer implemented?

Ben Maurer bmaurer at ximian.com
Sun Dec 18 17:03:28 EST 2005

On Sat, 2005-12-17 at 22:19 +0100, torben at nehmer.net wrote:
> I have been using an application called udrec.exe (some Streaming
> client 
> for a DVB receiver box). Until a few days ago I have been running it
> under 
> some 1.0.x Mono version (don't remember which one exactly,
> unfortunalety). 
> So far all was great. Since the latest upgrade to 1.1.10 I keep
> getting 
> the following Exception:
> Unhandled Exception: System.NotImplementedException: The requested
> feature
> is not implemented.
> in <0x0001d> System.Threading.Thread:Interrupt ()
> in <0x000ac> Resend:Acknowledge (.UdpPacket packet)
> [...]
> Any idea what has changed between 1.0 and 1.1 Mono that might cause
> this 
> situation? The code in question uses some UDP connection controlled by
> its 
> own thread, which it awakens from Thread::Sleep using
> Thread::Interrupt as 
> soon as it has anything to send.

We never had this code implemented. I think we may have added a throw to
warn the user about this.

Interrupt is the wrong way to implement this. You want to use
Monitor.Pulse and Monitor.Wait.

-- Ben

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