[Mono-list] OpenOffice Support ?

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 18 01:08:50 EST 2005

I don't know of OpenOffice.org 2.0 has support for Mono out-of-the-box.  You may have to build it yourself.
    Also, make sure you download the SDK for Open Office.org 2.0.
    Read the OpenOffice.org 2.0 Developer's Guide
    I would read Chapter 3.  Particularily, CLI Language Binding.   This is mostly about using Microsoft .NET to use UNO components.  It  should prove helpful for Mono though.
    What platform are you using to do this?  Linux or Windows or something else?

xiii29 <xiii29 at free.fr> wrote:  Hi,

I'm wondering if there is something to use OpenOffice Doc in Mono ...

Thanks !

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