[Mono-list] Mono In Solaris

Enrique Garcia Ayuda kikegayuda at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 07:11:32 EST 2005

Anybody knows where the is the isnormal function in mono/dis/getc
witch include??

In Solaris 8 witch version of CC is required????
what is the return of the version in Solaris 8 Sparc32 true or False

case MONO_TYPE_R4: {
		float r;
		readr4 (ptr, &r);
		if (! isnormal (r))
			return g_strdup_printf ("float32(0x%08x)", read32 (ptr));
			return g_strdup_printf ("float32(%.20g)", r);
	case MONO_TYPE_R8: {
		double r;
		readr8 (ptr, &r);
		if (! isnormal (r)) {
			guint32 low, high;
			low = read32 (ptr);
			high = read32 (ptr + 4);
			return g_strdup_printf ("float64(0x%08x%08x)", high, low);
		} else {
			return g_strdup_printf ("float64(%.20g)", r);

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