[Mono-list] GNU Readline/Mono-ReadLine

Antonello Provenzano antonelloprov at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 14:20:14 EST 2005

Hi guys,

I'm implementing a command-line client for my project Minosse RDBMS,
similar to SQL*Plus from Oracle.
I thought about including command completion in it and I created an
interface that should be called once TAB button is pressed.

Under Java, I used to have a small library, referencing GNU Readline,
that can be found at http://java-readline.sourceforge.net/. This
library has a wrapper that allows setting a similar interface as
parameter, that prototypes the method of the given interface.

I found a binding for C# under Mono Debugger repository named
Mono-ReadLine, that implements the basic functionalities of Readline
Is there a way for using the same system I had under Java for Mono/C# too?


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