[Mono-list] Re: Portal code / CMS recs for ASP.NET

Joseph Hill jhill at arcfocus.com
Sun Dec 11 20:15:31 EST 2005

> I can give you my 2 cents:
>> DNN
> A nice portal, if you're sticking to Windows/SQL Server.  I don't
> believe that there are any data providers for MySQL/Postgresql.
>> Rainbow
> Haven't used it.  Looked at it briefly, got the impression that it is
> more a Windows CMS, than a cross platform/Mono CMS.  I do recall
> reading somewhere that will compile and run under mono.
>> mojoPortal
> Designed to run on Windows or mono.  Fairly active development, code
> is pretty easy to follow.  I do believe that the fellow who started
> mojoPortal did work on Rainbow at one time.
> IMHO, I'd go with mojoPortal if you want to run on Mono/Apache/Linux.

I have to agree with this assessment.

mojoPortal has an active development community that is interested in
seeing the app well supported on Mono/Apache/Linux as well as Windows/IIS,
and it is also the only one with first-class support for multiple
databases.  I run several sites on mojoPortal with PostgreSQL (including
http://www.mono-live.org), and I've been very pleased with its

If you search, you can find several efforts that have had some success in
getting each of the other applications running on Mono, and supporting
other databases; however, these efforts tend to suffer because neither of
these projects make cross-platform support one of their central goals.

Hope that helps,
Joseph Hill

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