[Mono-list] Status of gst-sharp

numberR numberR at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 19:29:27 EST 2005

Thank you for your quick reply.

I would look at those alternatives.
It's sad but it's still good to know gst-sharp is obsolete.

Senko Rasic wrote:
> On 12/11/05, numberR <numberR at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I noticed that gstreamer-0.10 has been released and wondered if I can
>>use it from gst-sharp that is available at this moment.
>>I actually compiled gst-sharp on machine with gstreamer-0.10 installed,
>>but it seems to look for gstreamer-0.8.
> That is correct. gst-sharp is obsolete and unmaintained, and shouldn't
> (well, can't) be used. Currently the only non-C bindings for gstreamer
> is for python.
>>Is there any hard-coding to refer gstreamer-0.8 from gst-sharp, or
>>anyone succeeded using gstreamer-0.10 from gst-sharp?
> No, gstreamer 0.8 and 0.10 are *very* different, and there's no way
> of easy porting current bindings (that's what I've been told, I haven't
> tried to port them myself).
> That said, you may have a few options. If you just want audio
> playback, you may go the Banshee way. Banshee has a helper
> C library (libbanshee), which, among other things, conveniently
> wraps gstreamer functionality, and presents a simple interface
> to the managed side. Libbanshee is stable and works nicely,
> so if simple playback is all you want, you've got it.
> The other option would be to wait until someone ports gst-sharp
> to the newer version, or even try this yourself.
> The third option is to use gdv, a C library and accompanying c#
> bindings which are the core of the Diva video editing software.
> This is highly experimental, there's no stable version as of
> yet, not even the release, but you can get the source from svn
> and see for yourself :)
> --
> Senko Rasic <senko at senko dot net>

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