[Mono-list] Using Sharpdevelop, Mono, Windows .NET GAC

Michiel Sikkes michiel.sikkes at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 15:48:33 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I have been fiddling with setting up a Mono developing environment on
my Windows XP workstation. My first problem was to let SharpDevelop
know the place where my mono and mcs binaries were located. I just
added the mono installation path to the global XP program path. (Isn't
there a cleaner way to configure this?)

Secondly, I don't see the Gtk# etc. popping up in my GAC references
list in SharpDevelop. Is there some way of automatically adding all
Mono shipped dlls to the .net or Sharpdevelop GAC without having to
add them manually?

I've tried searching the SharpDevelop and go-mono.com website, but
didn't find any way of doing this. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,

Michiel Sikkes
michiel.sikkes at gmail.com

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