[Mono-list] what about Gtk# 2.6 tarball?

Carlos Ble carlosble at shidix.com
Mon Dec 5 10:15:57 EST 2005

The past month I downloaded Gtk# 2.5.92 based on Gtk+ 2.6, and
compilation was success (Debian Sid). I was developing and running Gtk#
applications fine (no problem) with this Gtk# 2.5.92. 
Now, upgrading mono from to 1.1.10 I downloaded stable Gtk#
2.4.0 because at the moment I see only two Gtk# tarballs to download
(one based on Gtk+ 2.4,  and other based in Gtk+ 2.8) and Gtk# 2.4 is
stable and have the features I need such the ComboBox,  but the problem
is that I neither can compile:

/usr/local/bin/mcs  -nowarn:0169,0612,0618 -unsafe -out:gdk-sharp.dll
-target:library /r:../glib/glib-sharp.dll /r:../pango/pango-sharp.dll /r:Mono.Cairo.dll generated/*.cs ./EventButton.cs ./EventClient.cs ./EventConfigure.cs ./EventCrossing.cs ./Event.cs ./EventDND.cs ./EventExpose.cs ./EventFocus.cs ./EventKey.cs ./EventMotion.cs ./EventProperty.cs ./EventProximity.cs ./EventScroll.cs ./EventSelection.cs ./EventSetting.cs ./EventVisibility.cs ./EventWindowState.cs ./Key.cs ./Size.cs ./TextProperty.cs AssemblyInfo.cs
generated/PangoHelper.cs(17,55): error CS0039: Cannot convert type
`GLib.Object' to `Pango.Context' via a built-in
conversiongenerated/PangoHelper.cs(51,55): error CS0039: Cannot convert
type `GLib.Object' to `Pango.Context' via a built-in
conversionCompilation failed: 2 error(s), 0 warnings
make[3]: *** [gdk-sharp.dll] Error 1

Looking for the problem, I tried to copy glib subdirectory from
cp -r gtk-sharp-2.5.92/glib gtk-sharp-2.4.0/
And make, but the mcs stops with same error.
So I tried to copy the compilated glib-sharp.dll from
gtk-sharp-2.5.92/glib/glib-sharp.dll to gtk-sharp-2.4.0/glib
and continue the make and it really continues to other next new error,
so I think the problem is not in Gtk# 2.4, I think is NOT a bug
because the difference is in how glib-sharp-dll builds or "glues"
in source code. 
I think that Gtk# 2.4 needs Gtk+ 2.4 to compile, but now Debian Sid
version of Gtk+ is 2.6. 

And I nor can compile Gtk# 2.7.1 because Gtk+ 2.8 is not in Debian Sid
at the moment. So, can I download Gtk# 2.6 tarball in any url?.

Sorry for my bad english

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