[Mono-list] Anyone ever tried to run NAnt on mono on Windows?

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Sat Dec 3 08:07:57 EST 2005


Gert Driesen wrote:
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>> mono on Windows?
>>>>> Up until now, NAnt needed the registry key created by the 
>>>> Mono installer to
>>>>> determine 
>>>>> a) whether Mono was actually installed
>>>>> b) what the installation directory was
>>>>> c) what version was actually installed
>>>>> On Linux, we use pkg-config for this purpose.
>>>>> I'll see if I can use pkg-config for this purpose on 
>>>> Windows too (for those
>>>>> building Mono from source in cygwin). Should not be that hard.
>>>> Thanks, that would be nice.
>>> Support for this is now in cvs. Let me know if you notice 
>> any problems with
>>> it.
>> If the change is to run nant without accessing windows registry, then
>> it did not seem to have solved the problem. It still requires that
>> registry key.
> Are you using anon-cvs ? If so, then you'll have to wait until it has been
> synced (not sure what the update interval is for sf.net cvs).
> I'd appreciate it if you'd test it once it's available in anon-cvs.

Yeah, seems like I was too quick to try anoncvs. After getting 
up-to-date sources, it worked fine :-) Thanks!

btw it would be awesome if it also differentiates "make install"
behavior (instead of installing files under *:/Program Files/).
It's totally optional wish tho.

Atsushi Eno

>> I'm not in haste, and will try to make changes to ignore registries
>> locally. Thanks for the help, Gert.
> No prob.
> Gert

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