[Mono-list] ikvmc java and gmsc

Johan Holmgren johan.holmgren at bth.se
Thu Dec 1 07:53:28 EST 2005

Hi, I have a problem that I could need some help with

I hava a java class, Test.java, that I compiled to a  .NET (or should I
say mono?)  assembly using the commands
javac Test.java
followed by
ikvmc -reference:/../IKVM.GNU.Classpath.dll -target:library

This gives me a library, Test.dll

Now I want to include Test.dll in a mono project  compiled with
gmcs  -target:exe -out:somename.exe -r:Test.dll  somecsfile.cs

In my c# code (file somecsfile.cs) I wrote
using test;
and later in the code
private Test test;

I get an comnpilation error saying
"Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?"

Can anyone tell me what I made wrong?


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