[Mono-list] Please help a noob compile mono on MEPIS

monomail@huntington-bradley.com monomail@huntington-bradley.com
Thu, 28 Apr 2005 09:12:01 -0700


I'm fairly new to Linux and Mono.

I'm currently running MEPIS version 2004.6.  I chose that distro simply because
it was available (some one had given me a CD) when the FC1 installation I had
installed a while back died when I tried to update it from fedoralegacy.com.

Initially I installed the 1.0.5 packages available in the Debian repository
(using kpackage).  Then I decided I wanted to go with the latest release so I
uninstalled that and  tried to use the generic installers that are currently
available.  Though the 1.0.6 stuff seemed to work ok (very simple "hello world"
kind of tests only), the 1.1.6 stuff gave errors about glib (if I recall).

So I uninstalled and set out to try to compile 1.1.6 and related stuff myself.
Bit of a learning curve for me.  Eventually successfully compiled and installed
the libgdiplus 1.1.5, mono 1.1.6, and xsp 1.08 packages.  Successfully tested
xsp using the included test pages.  Yay!

Now I want to install monodoc 1.0.6 so I need to install gtk-sharp.  Tried to
compile the latest (1.9.3) version but configure complains that it can't find
Pango.  According to kpacakge, Pango is installed, but even though I tried
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig (which seemed to do the trick
for the other mono related things I've compiled)--no go.  There doesn't seem to
be a Pango related file in the pkgconfig directory anyway.  How can I tell
configure where the Pango library is?

I'm new enough with Linux that I'm not loyal to a particular distro yet, so if
the best route to Mono happiness is to just start over with a new distro on
which the generic installers will work just fine, I may be willing to go there.
 But I've been rather impressed with MEPIS so far and quite like kpackage and
Synaptic so I guess I'd like to stick with a Debian based install (apt!) if
it's not going to be a total PITA to work with Mono.  I have tried, and liked
the latest Ubuntu via their live CD.

Can any one verify if the build of Mono installed via the generic installers
works ok on any Debian based distro? (Ubuntu? Mepis 2003?).

Are others able to get the latest released version of Mono (i.e 1.1.6) and
related packages to compile/install on MEPIS/Ubuntu/other Debian based distros?

Sorry for the long winded post.  I've been struggling with this for a while now
and saving up the questions 'till now.


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