[Mono-list] Mono Solaris

Miquel Ramírez Miquel Ramírez
Thu, 28 Apr 2005 10:27:36 +0200

I don't consider myself as nit-picker but I don't find neither useful
nor nice to send a message that:

* Is completely written in Spanish. I am Spanish myself but I refrain
from posting messages to an 'international' list such as this. I think
that English is the 'lingua franca' to be used on this list. I find
therefore writing in Spanish not to be very polite at all. And there
are mono-oriented whose 'lingua franca' is Spanish.
* Three quarters of its content is a 'Legal Notice' that could say the
same in much fewer lines. Besides, statements like this:
Likewise, criminal penalties shall be incurred by any who, either for
his/her own benefit or on behalf of third parties, or with prejudice
of a third party, discloses or employs the information contained in
this communication.
are just unacceptable, since I did not especifically requested you to
send me any message, prevents me from using anything I could learn
from reading your message...