[Mono-list] NullReferenceExceptions with gecko-sharp

Christopher Nehren apeiron+usenet@coitusmentis.info
Sat, 23 Apr 2005 17:14:37 +0000 (UTC)

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I've been trying to build a non-Glade browser on FreeBSD as an
educational sort of thing (sure, point and click in Glade is great, but
how much would I really learn that way? Typing all of those .PackStart
and .PackEnd methods has really taught me a lot). The problem is that
whenever I try to access a URL via the Activated signal of my Entry or
the Clicked signal of my Back / Forward buttons (which directly call the
.GoBack / .GoForward methods of my WebControl object) the process
crashes with a NullReferenceException on the line of my
Application.Run() call. I can't discern why the Glade# projects that
I've found have been able to do this without crashing, but I'd like to
think that there is a way. You can find the code at
http://www.coitusmentis.info/browser.cs . Yes, I am just learning C#,
and Gtk#, and GUI programming, and Gecko embedding. Thanks for all

Best Regards,
Christopher Nehren
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