[Mono-list] play sound on Linux/windows

Pascal Bonesh firms@tiscali.ch
Thu, 14 Apr 2005 08:51:55 +0200


I am new to the list, as well as new to mono.

I just programmed a little timer to use at work (with windows). I used
Mono on linux to program it at home. 

It's finished and now I would like to play some sound when a certain
time has passed, but I seem unable to find the api for playing sound.

Well there is Gnome.Sound.Play ("filename") but I don't know if it will
run on Windows and I get anyway "Audio File Library: could not open file
'test.wav'" here on mono version 1.0.5. The documentation is "to be
added" so I played around a little with the Sound.(...) methods but with
no success.

When googling for playing sound on .net I need to include some obscure
dll, which would be the windows media player. Which certainly doesn't
run on linux.

So my question is how to play sound on linux and windows. Do I have to
do different things on windows and on linux?

Sorry if this question was already answered, I did search the internet,
but "mono" and "sound" or "play" is such an awful word-combination to
search for that you always get the stuff you don't want.

Thank you very much