[Mono-list] Forums

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Tue, 12 Apr 2005 10:42:49 +0200

On 04/11/05 Dilton McGowan II wrote:
> After trying to work and follow today's threads (and
> not doing very good at the latter); isn't there a free
> set of forums that we can use and ditch this
> antiquated email list?

There are some web-based forums on www.gotmono.com, if you prefer them.
Note, though, that I never read them and I suspect many other mono
maintainers don't, too. so if you want answers and feedback from many
of us, use the mono mailing lists. The web forums are fine, I guess, if
many community people read and answer to the posts there.
Personally, I'm not going to use them unless a bidirectionaly
pipe is built with a mailing list, so that I can efficiently use my
email client to sort, thread, search and archive, instead of
wasting my time clicking on a web interface.
Maybe you can try if some web-based email interface like gmail is
better suited to your habits (or you may use a modern email
client like evolution or mutt).


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