[Mono-list] ADO.NET in Mono & Active Directory

Zac Bowling zac@zacbowling.com
Mon, 11 Apr 2005 18:37:45 -0500

The layer for active directory and ADO is just a fake wrapper for what
its really doing below, which is LDAP. It was written for old ASP and
old VB. In Mono you can use Novell's ldap libraries to access
ActiveDirectory (do a search on google for ldap and ActiveDirectory).

ActiveDirectory on 2003 supports full ldap 1.0/2.0, and ActiveDirectory
on Windows 2000 is a bit tricker since it doesn't support a few of the
base types IIRC.

Hope that helps! 

Zac Bowling

On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 18:34 -0300, A Rafael D Teixeira wrote:
> Hi Dennis, see comments inline:
> On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 11:15 +0200, Denis Schnepf wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I'm currently working on a project aimed at managing Active Directory 
> > users from a linux server.
> :(
> > Active Directory servers can be accessed using ADO (apparently, with the 
> > OLE DB Provider), so my question is : has anyone tried to use ADO.NET 
> > with Active Directory and does it work?
> This can probably be done in Windows, but with MS.NET in Windows,
> because:
> 1) We don't have OLE DB in Linux (Mono nevertheless implements the OLEDB
> provider but using gda that is a quite different infrastructure).
> 2) Active Directory uses a proprietary and under-documented protocol, so
> AFAIK nobody in Mono is currently trying to is taking a dependency on
> Samba to try to figure out how to work with it, and write an specific
> provider for gda or better an specific managed provider for ADO.NET.
> But hope is not lost:
> Active Directory is known to inter-operate with other systems via LDAP,
> so if this inter-operation encompass the administration chores (what I
> guess most of it doesn't), you can use the LDAP libraries from Mono to
> try your hand. 
> I wish you good luck,