[Mono-list] successful port of MS .net application to linux/apache/mono1.1.4

Dan Maltes dan@astusa.com
Thu, 7 Apr 2005 13:50:39 -0400

	If you haven't already, you can get web.config browsercaps for
better asp.net browser rendering compatability here:
Doesn't solve all issues, but it helps.

Dan Maltes=20

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We've follow the same approach with porting ASP.NET application from =
to Mono 1.16...
The application is a CRM (customer Relationship Management) application. =
use Webservices (to talk to an active directory server) and an oracle
The application used some 3rd party library too.
The Port is now succesfull !
I'm happy to see that i've experienced fast the same problem as you :

- The major problem was Oracle, i've contributed to the oracleclient
assembly in order to add correct datetime support and pooling
- trouble with multiple cookies too... But this problem only appear when =
use mod_mono, i've no problem with xsp... why? I've submitted a message =
the mailing list two days ago, but it doesn't interest anybody...
- trouble with differences in executing path (order of including user
- Some rendering problem with firefox (MS.NET doesn't render html =
the same with an IE or a mozilla client)
- Problems with the French DateTime format (for mono 1/02/03 is the 3rd =
february 2001)

- I'm doing some tests between a gentoo/mod_mono and a W2x3/.NET machine =
for instance, i can see any differences...
I can hope that our application will be put into production with =
may be soon...

Long life to mono !!!

Le Mardi 05 Avril 2005 11:33, simon a =E9crit=A0:
> Ive recently successfully ported an ASP.Net application from MS .net=20
> to mono-1.1.4.
> This application was approximately 250-300 days development, is=20
> currently deployed and in production on windows server 2003, has 2=20
> external interfaces and used an MS SQL server database.
> As an experiment I ported it to mono and mysql in approximately 20=20
> hours, and had it running under apache on an ubuntu linux box.
> The application used a number of 3rd party libraries including=20
> nHibernate and wilson master pages.
> Some of the major problems encountered during the port were;
> - trouble with mulitple cookies and the FormsAuthentication cookie=20
> disappearing. - not sure what the problem was, made work around.
> - ALOT of trouble with differences in what I would call the current=20
> executing path of pages and the inclusion of user controls.  It=20
> appears that IIS executes pages in a different path to apache/mod_mono =

> and this causes the page directives at the top of the aspx file to be
> Solution (really work around) - change ALL Server.Transfer calls to=20
> Response.Redirect (whether this is a better approach anyway is=20
> debatable)
> - problems with libraries compiled under MS .net framework not being=20
> compatable with those compiled under mono.  I am not sure what the=20
> expected compability between things compiled under mono and MS are but =

> ive found that if you can get the source for something, try and=20
> compile it under mono, it will cause you less trouble in the end.
> Apart from that the port was successful, and relatively painless.
> Unfortunately this forum is not the place for me to say what the=20
> application is (at this time).
> The next task is to find 2 identical boxes, deploy under both win2k3=20
> and linux/mono and load test both to see the results.  Only problem=20
> being i dont have 2 identical boxes :(
> Simon
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