[Mono-list] successful port of MS .net application to linux/apache/mono1.1.4

simon sjen5@bigpond.com
Tue, 05 Apr 2005 19:33:16 +1000

Ive recently successfully ported an ASP.Net application from MS .net to 

This application was approximately 250-300 days development, is 
currently deployed and in production on windows server 2003, has 2 
external interfaces and used an MS SQL server database. 

As an experiment I ported it to mono and mysql in approximately 20 
hours, and had it running under apache on an ubuntu linux box.

The application used a number of 3rd party libraries including 
nHibernate and wilson master pages.

Some of the major problems encountered during the port were;
- trouble with mulitple cookies and the FormsAuthentication cookie 
disappearing. - not sure what the problem was, made work around.
- ALOT of trouble with differences in what I would call the current 
executing path of pages and the inclusion of user controls.  It appears 
that IIS executes pages in a different path to apache/mod_mono and this 
causes the page directives at the top of the aspx file to be incorrect.  
Solution (really work around) - change ALL Server.Transfer calls to 
Response.Redirect (whether this is a better approach anyway is debatable)
- problems with libraries compiled under MS .net framework not being 
compatable with those compiled under mono.  I am not sure what the 
expected compability between things compiled under mono and MS are but 
ive found that if you can get the source for something, try and compile 
it under mono, it will cause you less trouble in the end.

Apart from that the port was successful, and relatively painless.

Unfortunately this forum is not the place for me to say what the 
application is (at this time).

The next task is to find 2 identical boxes, deploy under both win2k3 and 
linux/mono and load test both to see the results.  Only problem being i 
dont have 2 identical boxes :(