[Mono-list] Willing to Help

Milen Dzhumerov gamehack@1nsp1r3d.co.uk
Mon, 04 Apr 2005 16:59:50 +0100

Hi list,

Let met write a quick intro. I've been recently interested in Mono since 
I didn't like the idea writing apps for GNOME in C, I just think it's 
too low level, anyway, that's just my opinion. So I looked at the 
alternatives(PyGTK etc) and really liked the idea behind Mono so I 
bought `Mono A Developer's Notebook` and really enjoyed reading it. But 
what I've found frustrating after checking the online documentation is 
that some chapters about developing GNOME apps are just missing. So I 
just wanted to ask if I can do some work on them etc. The second thing 
was that I haven't found *any* docs about using the system tray in GNOME 
using Mono or GTK+. The only clue I've found is that most applications 
use libegg or something like that to implement it but there's no 
official HOWTO/Info on this. I would really like to write a HOWTO and 
possible a Mono library for using the system tray, but as I am a newbie 
in the Mono world I would need some help. If someone is able to guide me 
along, it would be great, I will just need tips and hints, I will do the 
work on my own. And BTW, I'm not sure that I'm writing to the right list 
so excuse me if I'm not.

Kind regards,