[Mono-list] Clarification - Features not exposed by System.Windows.Forms

Bill Medland billmedland@mercuryspeed.com
Fri, 1 Apr 2005 09:32:42 -0800

Please note.  I am not trying to be a troll so please don't be offended.

I am doing a little research on the various UI capabilities around, so that I 
will be able to make realistic suggestions etc. to higher management in my 
Microsoft-centred employer/company.

On the www.mono-project.com/Gui_Tookits page (and on Miguel's orginal page) I 
note the quotes that SWF "is not complete enough for many tasks" and there is 
mention of "features which are not exposed by Windows.Forms".

This agrees with what I have read in the past about the Win32 API and SWF, and 
my own gut feel based on the small amount of Win32 UI stuff I have done, 
compared to the stuff I used to do with Motif and the small amount of playing 
about I have done with Java, Tcl/Tk, Gtk etc.

Does anyone have a URL for any site or wiki article or ... that more 
thoroughly addresses these unexposed features?

Alternatively can anyone provide some keywords?

(BTW, why don't those points get listed under the Cons?)

Bill Medland