[Mono-list] Mod-mono-server using too much CPU, running too many times

Joshua Tauberer tauberer@for.net
Thu, 30 Sep 2004 16:44:09 -0400

Putting aside the shameless plugs for later, I have two questions about 

1)  Mod-mono-server is consistently using about 10% CPU at times that I 
know there are no pages being served.  Does anyone have any thoughts 
about the source of this (so I don't have to dive blindly into figuring 
it out)?

Is this something that I could expect from having a lot of files in the 
System.Web.Caching cache -- with the managed file system watcher or FAM?

(It's Fedora Core 1, FAM 2.6.8, and Mono's 1.0.1 release.)

2)  How does mod_mono work in relation to Apache's prefork module?  My 
small understanding of prefork is httpd spawns a few child httpds to do 
the dirty work.  I'm seeing a few mono proceeses starting up, and I 
don't know whether this is because each httpd child is starting its own 
mod_mono_server, or for some other reason.  (e.g. if mod-mono-server is 
too busy to pick up a connection, will mod_mono spawn a new 

Is each child httpd supposed to start its own mod_mono_server?  Is 
mod-mono-server able to process multiple requests concurrently?  Is the 
unix socket to mod-mono-server able to support connections from multiple 
httpd children?

Thanks guys.  Aside from these new issues, I've had no problems getting 
mod_mono working.  (This all goes to show me that playing with a server 
in my basement and actually having people visit the site are two 
different things...)

- Joshua Tauberer


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