[Mono-list] Monodoc -- Can we use this to document our application?

Joshua Tauberer tauberer@for.net
Thu, 30 Sep 2004 08:33:19 -0400

Kevin Francis wrote:
> We are working on a Mono based application, and would like some way of
> documenting our work. Can Monodoc be used for this purpose? How?

To document your own libraries, you mean?  Yes.  Here's the short of it:

Check out the monodoc module from CVS.  In the tools directory, run 
make.  The program monodocer is used to generate stub XML documentation 
files for an assembly (with the --stub and --assembly options), or later 
update those XML files based on the changes to the assembly (with the 
--update and --assembly options).

Then use your favorite text editor or Monodoc to edit the XML files to 
actually write the documentation.  With Monodoc (from CVS), run it with 
the --local-edit path/to/docs option to edit the XML files.

Good luck.  If you have any monodocer comments/suggestions, let me know.

- Joshua Tauberer


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