[Mono-list] SetHandler (and "Failed to get Session object") vs AddHandler Mod_mono 1.0.2

Barbara Plank barbara@idealnet.com
Wed, 29 Sep 2004 16:43:18 +0200

Hi Golo,

I tried mod_mono 1.0.1 and that was never working on my box....neither with
SetHandler nor with AddHandler (see
92306582)... and until now I don't know why....   (Mono 1.0 previously
worked fine)

But then with mod_mono 1.0.2 my webapps worked again I had just the problem
with the SetHandler discussed previously.

Perhaps try to update Mono to 1.0.2 - at least it works for me now (with
AddHandler - so Mono handles just the aspx related files, while all other
are under control of Apache). 

Or check before updating: does tmp/mod_mono_server has read/write access
(try -> chmod 777 /tmp/mod_mono_server). Look at the apache error log file


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Hi there,

> that are not ASP.NET pages/handlers it will fail with that error. In
> this case, using AddHandler is the way to go, which is the same thing
> that IIS does, ie, let apache serve non-ASP.NET files.

that's exactly my problem at the moment. Actually I don't use a
global.asax file, and if I replace SetHandler by AddHandler, mod_mono
does not work at all, it gives me a (XSP) 404 for every page I request.

Any ideas? Are there known problems with mod_mono 1.0.1 and AddHandler?

Thanks in advance,


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