[Mono-list] Advice: Porting SQL Server app to Mono, what should I target

Guy Langston guy@jamwarehouse.com
Tue, 28 Sep 2004 14:04:59 +0200

Michael J. Ryan wrote:
| I am sure this is a fairly common problem. I am porting a Enterprise=20
| application (M$ .NET, C# and SQL Server) to Mono-1.
|> Which are the best SQL platforms to target? (Compatibility vs.=20
|> Stability/Enterprise Features)
|> -          PostGreSQL
|Good support on *nix, fairly poor windows support (but improving)
|> -          SAP DB
| ???

SAP DB was/is the DB running SAP/R3, and was release as open source. It
has subsequently been renamed Max DB. It is targeted a high-end
enterprise systems.

It has a very good reputation, although I don't know anybody with first
hard experience to share, nor have a compared it's features against DB2,
M$ SQL or Oracle.

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