[Mono-list] how much memory does mono use?

gabor gabor@z10n.net
Mon, 27 Sep 2004 09:06:23 +0200


if i start a mono+gtk# application, how much memory will
it use at least? i don't care about the memory used by the application..
how much memory does the virtual machine + basic structures consume?
in other words...how much memory does a hello-world app use?
or can you tell me how to measure it? ps aux | grep mono does not
seem to be the ideal way.

2. if i start let's say 5 mono+gtk# applications...will they share some
memory for the virtual machine, or they all use separate memory for
all the things? in other words, if starting just one mono app uses
at least X memory, starting 5 mono apps will use at least 5*X memory?

i am asking, because it seems that a lot of mono+gtk# apps are developed
currently, and several of them are staying in the memory all the time
(muine, tomboy)...

or, to formulate it differently....
using 5 mono applets uses how much more memory than using 5 C applets?


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