[Mono-list] Re: Visual Studio Addin for Mono

Francisco T. Martinez martinf@mfconsulting.com
Tue, 21 Sep 2004 13:32:29 -0500

There is no working "Mono only" debugger for Win32.  However, one of the 
most important reasons, if not the most important one, for me to have 
created the Add-in was to give Mono programmers a means to debug managed 

Granted that by debugging an application within Visual Studio you will 
only be debugging the libraries that are referenced in you project. That 
means that debugging a solution that uses gtk-sharp.dll will be pretty 
close if not identically to the behavior you would get when the 
application is compiled on say Linux with mcs.exe. The level of surety 
you may get from debugging solutions that use System.Xml.dll from 
Microsoft would not be as closed that one that uses System.Xml.dll from 
Mono.  I remind programmers that Microsoft implementation of all pieces 
that have not been turned over to ECMA may or may not differ from our 
Mono implementation of the equivalently named assemblies, but in most 
cases you should have consistent behavior.

That is a good transition point to the Add-in's "Test in Mono" menu 
option.  This option is not yet implemented.  The idea behind it will be 
that you can indeed select that menu option and the Add-in will compile 
the active solution using mcs.exe and later launch the resulting binary 
using mono.exe.  In the event that the current project is a Web 
application, the compilation will be as stated before but an instance of 
XSP will be launched along with a shell spawn browser navigated to the 
startup page that is specified on the project to act as the runtime test 

My hope is that this will give you a reasonable degree of confidence 
that the application will work well in Mono (or not). Finally, using the 
Add-in's packaging facilities, you can create zip file that can easily 
be distributed to other Mono platforms for further development or usage.

Hope this helps.


MonoMan MonoMan wrote:

> Hi Francisco
> I am very much thankful for your help.I am able to download and run 
> the addin.
> I found that this addin do not have any mono debugger inbuilt,right?
> Please let me know if any other package need to be installed to get 
> mono debugger.
> I am very much interested to debug c# application with mono runtime 
> but unfortunatly i could not get any existing mono debugger on windows 
> platform
> I have some doubts.Please clear them too
> 1.Is this addin planning to use mono debugger inbuilt with 
> monodevelop? if yes   mono debugger is Linux specific,how can we use 
> this on windows platform
> 2.I am able to see one option "Test on Mono".this is not implemented yet.
> could you explain it's functionality?
> Thanx a lot for your time.
> Looking forward for your precious reply