[Mono-list] mdb file

Raja R Harinath rharinath@novell.com
Mon, 20 Sep 2004 14:25:07 +0530


Daniel Grigoras <dgrigoras@yahoo.com> writes:

> I try to build mono from CVS and it hangs because it
> didn't find the file: monoresgen.exe.mdb. (in mcs )
> I tried to build myself the exe and this mdb (Mono
> debug file ) but neither /debug+ nor -g didn't
> generate these kind of file .
> Please how is it possible to generate these 'mdb'
> files ? 

You'll have to recompile monoresgen, and other tools, as they'll also
ask for the mdb files.  The simplest way to get it working is to run the
following in your 'mono' build tree:

  make bootstrap-clean
  make bootstrap

You can replace the 'make bootstrap-clean' with a 
'make mcs-do-clean-profiles' above. 

- Hari