[Mono-list] New Suse?

Carl Olsen carl@carl-olsen.com
Sun, 19 Sep 2004 16:10:11 -0500

Hi Joseph,

That's good to know.  I guess I'll just leave the "httpd2-refork.conf" file
alone until I want to do an upgrade and then switch it back to

However, I think your computer will remove mod-mono from the loadmodule.conf
file if you don't have it listed in the list of modules in the apache2 file
in the /etc/sysconfig folder.  I noticed that those two files are dependent
on each other.  I think you need both mono and mod_mono listed in the
apache2 file.

I downloaded the RPMs for rcd, rug, and red-carpet (from Novell, Ximian, or
SuSE - I can't remember where I found them) and then used YaST to install
the RPMs from the local machine.  After that, Red Carpet appears as a menu
item, so I didn't use a command line to start Red Carpet.  One thing I see
in your tutorial that I didn't know is how to stop and start Apache.  I've
been rebooting the machine.  It will be a lot easier using the YaST Run
Level editor.  I also forgot to mention that XSP runs just fine after
installing all the mono RPMs using Red Carpet.  The only thing that is
difficult is the ASP.NET mod_mono piece.  Runnig XSP is a good idea, because
then you know that ASP.NET is working and its just a matter of configuring
Apache correctly.

Carl Olsen

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> Hi Carl,
> When I tried to copy the httpd2-prefork.conf back to loadmodule.conf, it
> appeared that Apache (or rather SuSE) overwrote the file without the mono
> module line the next time I started Apache.
> I just went ahead and placed the correct loadmodule line in the conf file
> with all of my other mono application information.  We'll just have to
> wait and see how well that goes next time I upgrade.  =)
> Anyways, yes, it was a bit of a chore to get mod_mono working on SuSE, but
> I only did so for the purpose of documenting the process on that platform.
>  I have a tutorial hosted here:
> http://www.gotmono.net/gotmono/MonoSuseHowTo.html
> Since you've already been through the process, this probably won't help
> you, but I would appreciate any insight you have if you get a chance to
> look.
> Thank you,
> Joseph Hill
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> >
> > I just got mod-mono working and I thought it was extremely difficult.
> It
> > doesn't install itself using the Red Carpet RPMs.  When I tried to
> compile
> > from the binary code, I kept getting an error saying it could not find a
> > file named "httpd2-prefork.conf".  When you install Apache 2 from the
> > RPMs,
> > it gives that file the name of "loadmodule.conf" and puts it in a
> > subfolder
> > with the name of "/etc/appache2/sysconfig.d".  I had to copy the
> > "loadmodule.conf" file to the Apache 2 "/etc/apache2" folder and rename
> it
> > "httpd2-prefork.conf" to get the binary code to compile correctly.  Even
> > after that, I got some extra lines in the "httpd2-prefork.conf" file
> that
> > I
> > had to remove before Apache 2 would start up on reboot.  I found this
> > whole
> > process extremely difficult.
> >
> > Mono itself installed easily using Red Carpet and the RMPs.  Monodoc and
> > MonoDevelop work just fine as soon as the RMPs are installed.
> >
> > Getting mod-mono to work is a completely different situation.  It's
> > extremely difficult.
> >
> > I'm wondering if now that I have everything working I can rename the
> > "httpd2-prefork.conf" file back to "loadmodule.conf" and put it back in
> > the
> > "/etc/apache2/sysconfig.d" folder.
> >
> > It also requires changing the name and path of the file in the
> > "httpd.conf"
> > file, which it says you shouldn't do if you ever want to upgrade the
> > system.
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> >
> > Carl Olsen, MCSE
> > Des Moines, IA
> >
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