[Mono-list] directory path separator

Ralph Mason rm.monolist@telogis.com
Fri, 17 Sep 2004 10:19:56 +1200

You can just use / everywhere.

It works just fine on both.

>In java there is the notion of using a system variable to tell you
>what the platform-specific folder separator is.  Is the same true for
>.Net?  I've only done .Net on windows and haven't cared until now.
>I'd like my code to be portable between windows and linux using .Net
>and mono.    I take one of the "special" folders from
>Environment.GetFolder(), and append some directory structure to that
>to do some work.  How do I know what folder separator to use?
>Thanks very much,
>(Still trying to orient myself -- and may be for a while -- to
>cross-platform .Net)
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