[Mono-list] Mono compilation problems (Solaris 8, SPARC)

Harry Sufehmi milis-2@harrysufehmi.com
Thu, 16 Sep 2004 09:56:50 +0100

Hi Gonzalo,

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-09-07 at 13:39, Harry Sufehmi wrote:
>>However, it's too soon for the celebration, since it serve requests VERY 
>>slowly. A page may load after 2-5 minutes of waiting.
> Woah! 3-5 minutes of waiting is way, way, way too much. May be the
> socket connection is not closed or something. You could try a simple
> telnet to the xsp port and request the page 'by hand'. After getting the
> response, the telnet session is closed on the server side.
> Notice that this works on x86, so it's probably a sparc problem.

This issue has escalated to the highest level in my company now. Loads 
of fun   :-)

I've been instructed to get a quote from Novell for consulting service 
to resolve this problem. However, my contacts at Novell UK seems to be 
having problems to sort this out.

I'd really appreciate it if someone from Mono team can help us with it. 
It should be as easy as giving a phone call to either Juliette (+44 
01344 725 322) or Marcus Naris (+44 01344 724 315).
Your assistance would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,
Harry Sufehmi

Senior Analyst, Central IT dept
Birmingham City Council, http://www.birmingham.gov.uk