[Mono-list] Dependency Problems on Red Carpet Channel?

billg billg@f-m.fm
Wed, 15 Sep 2004 10:04:58 -0400

Trying to install mono with Red Carpet on a new SuSE 9.1 Pro setup. 
This has always been a piece of cake.  This time around Red Carpet
complains that "mono-complete" has a failed dependency of

Mono-complete is, I think, a new addition that apparently bundles all
the runtime tools. There's another "mono-devel" package that apparently
contains all the devlopment tools. 

Presumably, there isn't anything in either of these two packages that
isn't contained in the individual packages listed in the channel. So...I
can do a successful mono install by selecting everything else except
mono-complete and mono-devel?  Right?