[Mono-list] Registering the MonoRuntime with Kernel

Gaurav Vaish Gaurav Vaish <gaurav.vaish@gmail.com>
Sun, 12 Sep 2004 23:30:30 +0530


  How about registering the mono runtime (mono) with the linux kernel
so that we don't have to write "mono" before executing any executable?

  Ok ok... this is not my idea. I was just reading through dotGNU
(after a looooong time) and found this:


  The topic is covered under item 3: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3. I have pasted the
contents below for completeness.

Happy Hacking,
Gaurav Vaish

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3. Using the runtime engine
3.1. How do I run IL programs?
IL programs are executed using the "ilrun program, as follows: 
ilrun hello.exe
The ".exe" extension is not required: you can rename the program to
"hello" if you wish.
If the IL program has command-line options, they can be supplied after
the name of the IL executable:

ilrun getenv.exe PATH

3.2. Can I avoid typing "ilrun"?
If your operating system uses the Linux kernel, and you have root
access, then you can avoid typing "ilrun" to execute programs from the
You must first register "ilrun" with the Linux kernel, by executing
the following command as root:

ilrun --register

Then you can run programs as follows: 
  chmod +x hello.exe
This will also work if you rename "hello.exe" to "hello", and then
place it somewhere on your PATH.
To unregister "ilrun", execute the following command as root: 

ilrun --unregister

Note: registration will only work with the Linux kernel (versions 2.2
and later), and when you are logged in as root.

If you prefer to start and stop services with "init.d", you can use
the script "pnet/doc/init.d-pnet" from the source code. Copy it to
"/etc/init.d/pnet". The script uses "/usr/local/bin/ilrun" to register
the engine, and it is designed for the RedHat distribution. Minor
modifications may be required for other install locations and

3.3. I've registered "ilrun", but it is running the wrong version. Why?
When you register "ilrun", it attempts to construct the full path of
the engine to pass to the kernel. Normally it does this by searching
the PATH. You can specify an explicit pathname as follows:
ilrun --register /usr/local/bin/ilrun