[Mono-list] ClickOnce on mono possible?

Sebastien Pouliot spouliot@videotron.ca
Sun, 12 Sep 2004 12:23:04 -0400

Hello Martin,

Is it possible to support ClickOnce on Linux ?
Yes - but there's still a lot of work required before doing so.

Is ClickOnce the best way to distribute applications/updates ?
I'm not sure - but popularity != superiority so...

As for the .NET prerequisite check, I don't think MS will change it's
implementation to detect Mono (feel free to ask them ;-). But that wouldn't
stop an open ClickOnce client (the clickonce manifest consumer) to do so.

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I just finished watching this channel9 video and it raised a few
questions for me about how mono will perform in terms of just-working

At the end of this video the interviewer asks about how MS ClickOnce
will look if you're using a Linux based OS. The MS guy says that it
would detect that .NET Framework is a prerequisite and then the
framework installer would refuse to install. Hence it will NOT say that
mono is a prerequisite but only .net framework. Is this a problem?

I mean, will ClickOnce webapps run using Linux/mono?


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