[Mono-list] Non-MS dot-net presentation

Michael J. Ryan tracker1@theroughnecks.com
Mon, 06 Sep 2004 23:30:28 -0700

I'm planning on doing a presentation for non-ms .net in a future SIG for
my area (Arizona DotNet User Groups), and was wondering if anyone could
give me any references that I might want to cover... here's what I was
planning on, rough outline..

Part 1: Getting out of the VS Box
    covering text editors, alternatives to VS.Net (#develop, etc)
    command line compilers,
    build tools (bat files, shell scripts, nant, etc)

Part 2: Getting out of the Windows Box
    point out mono, and DotGnu Projects
    Glade#/GTK# samples (starting in VS.Net, then into MonoDevelop)
    XSP/mod_mono sample
    point out other toolkits wx.Net, QT#, etc

Are there any cross platform .net toolkits for audio, mp3 playback etc?

Are there any new cross-platform developments for OpenGL anyone would
care to point out?

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